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Other posters have spouted that arguably every drawing or photograph is art. Is poetry art? If so then what is the form? The writing of the poem? Its oration? I follow art and art history, and you could make similar comparisons. Let me take painting as an example to focus the debate. When I paint, it is MY hand which is capturing the photo. It is my hand which is creating the indelible mark and capturing emotion, light perspective, etc. With the camera its a lens, computer or printer. Yes, you can augment it with photoshop and other software.

Granted this requires technical input, but the bottom line is that the physical creation was not done by you. This analogy can be thrown out as the presentation of an authors work bears no resemblance on the meaning of the work.

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It is still his story which he had thought up. The creativity that has gone into it is not diminished by typing it. The difference between a painting of someone and a picture of them is profound. In terms of effort, technical execution and creative input TBC. Art is anything you create. It doesn't matter if you made something out of nothing, or something out of something. If you made something out of nothing, congradulations you made art. If you made something out of something, congratulations, you added on to the art and created more art to it. Art, I believe is enhancing someone else's perspective on things.

A simple photograph of a chair in a dark corner might not mean anything to you, but to someone else, they can relate to it. If you add on color, make it black and white, change the tints, you make it more appealing. Example, there is a black and white photo of an apple sitting on a table outside on a fall day. With it being black and white, maybe you can't really tell if it is fall outside, and maybe the apple looks like a pear.

Edit it, leave the grass and sky black and white, and make the apple a deep red, and the leaves golden and brown. You just made it instantly more beautiful and people gain more understanding of what the picture is. Anything is art. If taking a picture is not art because its from a machine, then music is not an art because of the machines they use to enhance the sound.

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Open your minds. For those who say that art is made only by a person not a device, you're wrong. The person controls the camera, the person clicks the button, they control what they take a picture of. It is impossible to answer the question posed until agreement is reached as to a definition as to what art is. Unlikely to happen. That is a difficult question to answer and everybody will have their own definition. Everybody who can hold a pencil or brush can create an image. Is every image art? Is it not art just because it is a representation of something that already exists?

How many paintings are of something that does not exist? Arguably every image, whether a drawing painting or photograph is "art".

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But some images will be more compelling than others. Is all we mean by art that it is something liked by the majority?

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Even within the world of painting arguments rage as to what is considered art. This will run and run……. Art serves itself and serves people.

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So do photography. Art is beautiful. So is photography. Art is passion. Art requires technology and skills. So does photography.

Photography is ART!

Art requires patience. Art has "fans". Photography has them too. Photography has all characters of Art. It's an Art. Photography is not art, because photos can be copied. Artist's can't paint their original painting twice, but photos can be reproduced thousands of times.

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A camera is a machine, a painting is created only by humans. A photo records only what is there, but an artist creates a painting by design by removing as well as adding things. It's the same sort of arrogance that comes with rating yourself in terms of the technical specs of your computer so common in certain PC gaming circles ; there is certainly a series of skills both learned and improved upon, but there's a big difference between putting paint on a canvas and Xeroxing digitally or with film a chunk of reality you're looking at. The painting and drawing process, even if you're working with subject matter that is firmly grounded in reality as opposed to high fantasy or science-fiction , is going to be 'coloured' by the tastes, visual skills and often dumb luck fate?

You can draw a picture with a cheap pencil and sheet paper and if you know what you're doing still be able to crank out something impressive; it's something entirely different to claim your skill in positioning and lighting and owning a good camera DSLR or otherwise that set you back several thousand dollars, let alone whatever costs are involved in getting where you need to be to attempt a given individual picture.

Lastly, there's the 'needs to be perfect' syndrome in photography.

Granted, you can do this because even if you're still working with a traditional roll o' film camera, you've in theory got the entire roll to snap off if you're willing to and probably several thousand attempts in the case of a DSLR or other digital camera if you've got a decent-sized SD Card without straining yourself if you're not immediately sure about one specific 'take'.

I don't dismiss photography as being a creative pursuit or something that does not require skill to do well as is appropriate in any pursuit, at least to practice it and hone those skills but I have trouble thinking of it as being 'art'. I would say mostly not. Perhaps if someone has worked on setting up a scene, putting together props and characters, and arranging them in a unique way that maybe conveys a message and takes a picture, maybe.

I can really appreciate photographers that travel to all corners of the world and take unique pictures of a culture that is completely alien to me. But to me that is still just photography. Taking a picture of scenery or a building is not art. Drawing, painting, sculpting, writing a story, writing music, baking a cake Etc are all art because you're creating something from nothing!