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So I want to pick several freelancers, I want at least three. Those questions I applied for some jobs on Odesk are really annoying so I take those off. So now the very final touch I need and let me copy this to notepad. The very final touch I need are the right skills. I want to get the right people in on here so they might not put the exact skills on here so they might not have put the exact skills on there. What I want to do is cast a decently wide net on here so that I can get the right type of people in here.

They do have SnagIt, nice. So now my job is complete.

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So you can see this is a whole job done. And all I have to do are look at interviews after I invite a few people to apply. So now I go through here and I post. Please fix the errors below. So now what I want to do, the key is I need to invite people to apply. I would need to need to invite people to apply. And now what I want to do is go through and search. I want to go through and search and send a very personalized message to some people.

I want to do is go through and look at the message I wrote before that already worked. You can see a lot of this is just trial and error. So you can see that I sent that to someone that applied before. That applied before. This was a new one. She actually applied and transcribed. So you can see these are successful experiences. She actually applied and shared her experience but then she actually shared the work too. But the thing is I need to find the right message to send. She is the only person I hired that actually applied to this job on her own.

So you can see if you apply to jobs, it can work out very good for you. So now what I want to do is take this message and now I want to search for freelancers. I have a job posting up and I want to find freelancers for it.

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I want to search for video editing, but it might be even better to find someone who does more digital marketing too. That can be tricky so what I want to do is stick these skills in video editing and then I want to try something like social media marketing. What I want to know are people who are active. People who are active are more likely to respond so this is one of the only things I sort on are active and then I sort on North America.

And you can see I put in two exact skills, I have a very small pool of people to invite now. I have 26 people that are all active in the last two weeks. Now what I do, I right click and hit T on the keyboards and I go to new tab. In order to do this I can go back to my job postings and literally copy the job post as the sales pitch because I already took the time do this. There now I already took the time to do this. Let me go in here. And so I go take this out. I want to edit it a little bit.

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There I want to keep my signature in there too in case he searches for me. There, I go and edit that. You can make 10 dollars for each. How to create portfolio for server-side developers?

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Why should you discuss technical requirements with client before start of a project? Do you need to pass tests and fill certifications? Book content Why do you need a video for profile? How to protect earnings? Why do you need a narrow specialization? Cover Letter examples Why should you optimize your profile for search?

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Book content How to choose good profile title? Hourly or fixed-price payment? Job Success Score calculation insights How to subscribe for new jobs? Upwork ToS and rules Hourly payment protection Upwork fees.

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