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Tommy Persson, tommy. Some of the code have probably been taken from Ola Leiflers thesis style. And some of the code is from Per-Olof Pettersson.

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Note that running latex on a file using one of the class files will generate a file "exhibitpage. Remember that this should probably be considered to be a beta release. The user interface might change depending on feedback. First, a little background information. This thesis package relies on pdfx. The Overleaf engine currently uses an older version from and so this template will not compile. Overleaf will update its engine in the near future after which there should hopefully be no problem compiling the Aalto thesis template.

They already have a beta version of their new engine that you can use to compile your thesis. Although aaltothesis. The details of the rewrite are in readme. The template files opinnaytepohja. This package is minimal in that it does not contain elaborate explanations regarding macros or their syntax, layout details and so on.

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The graphics in the package have been renewed. This issue is now resolved; the figure has been recreated appropriately. It is not part of the aaltothesis package, so you must download it separately if you want it. I will be happy to receive constructive criticism, comments and feedback on the guide, which I will use to write a possible new version of the guide in the future. This comment is for those of you using Overleaf. Now that the Overleaf engine has been updated to v2, you no longer need to add the new pdfx.

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Just upload aaltothesis. Quick Search. A t tachments 16 Scaffolding History Page History. Workspace Navigation. Files File aaltothesis. The thesis text is in Finnish and in an incomplete version in English. The complete English version is in preparation. However, the template is heavily commented in English, so it should be easy to use this template in theses written in English. The compiled thesis template opinnaytepohja.

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It should be noted that the typographical conventions used in the text are Finnish ones hence you will need to consult e. Chicago Manual of Style or such like when writing in English. This template is not intended for doctoral dissertations as these are usually printed in the Aalto publication series. There is a different LaTeX template for doctoral theses.

Thus the thesis writer will learn to pay attention to the details that go in writing a list of references or bibliography. History The template and its accompanying style file were originally written for the TKK Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Automation thesis writers, but later—after Aalto University began its operation—the style file and template were extended in a fashion that makes it possible for all Aalto thesis writers to use the template. Perttu Puska. Massachusetts, Permalink Aug 17, Satish Bysany Dasharatharamasetty.

Permalink Nov 14, Siyuan Dong. I need to include two professors' name in the first page of my thesis. Thank you! Permalink Apr 09, However, two instructors are possible. Permalink Apr 10, Ran Xiao. Permalink May 18, Luis de Jussilainen Costa. Thank you very much :D.

Permalink May 19, Permalink Jun 17, Permalink Jun 18, Pawel Sarbinowski. I managed to roughly change the.

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Permalink Jan 29, Updated to 1. Minor fixes, mainly. Permalink Sep 26, Hafiz Awan. Permalink Aug 26, I am doing as you mentioned and if I encounter any problem I will let you know. Permalink Aug 27, Arash Azimirad. Hi, Where can I find the Microsoft Word template?

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Permalink Aug 30, Permalink Sep 01, Permalink Nov 17, Permalink Sep 19, Leevi Toratti. Is there a way to include the abstract in Finnish, Swedish and English?

Permalink Oct 06, Alapan Mukherjee. I keep getting the following error:! Permalink Oct 13, Thank you so much. Installing it with Package Manager worked! Permalink Jan 16, Panu Korpela. Has anyone got the template working with Lyx? Best Regards, Panu. Permalink Jan 28, Permalink Apr 13, See my reply to your earlier query above.

This is no mistake. Typesetting rules are different in different languages.

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Permalink May 20, Permalink May 21, Sallamaria Iltanen. Permalink Jun 03, Shankar Lal. It seems that document class is article which doesn't support chapter command. Any idea how to to include chapter number in the thesis? Permalink Jun 07, Permalink Jun 08, Anttoni Kananen.

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